r@zorbla.de appearances


 :wumpscut: DJ Dwarf 23 / DJ Dwarf 23 (bandcamp edition), track 18, Du hast kein Herz (r@zorblade remix / edit)
 :wumpscut: Szpitalbox (CD2), track 14, Gabi Grausam (r@zorblade remix)
 DE/VISION Popgefahr - The Collection, Track #4-1
 :wumpscut: Satanbox (CD2), Track 10, Grobian (r@zorbla.de remix)
 MOON.74 Dirty Mind (Remix Vol. 3), Moonlanding (r@zorbla.de remix)
 DE/VISION Popgefahr - The Mix 3.0, Track #1
 Acylum Melanom
 Anorkia Cyberbirth
 Bensch Audio Sampler 1 Tracks 13-15
 Ad Inferna There is no Cure (Remix Downloads): Resurrection (r@zorbla.de remix)
 :wumpscut: Schrekkbox (Bonus Downloads): Schrekk & Grauss (r@zorbla.de remix)
 Blind Passenger Don't Drag Me Down (DJ edition) R@zorblade Mix
 statiCViolence Dark Allure, Disc 2, Track 2
 statiCViolence Orkus 2010-06 (Compilation 60), Track 3
 statiCViolence Auf die Fresse???, track 17
 Valium Era Ich mach den Krach EP, track 7
 Nik Page Neverland, track 4
 :WUMPSCUT: Siamese Box (CD2), track 2, credited as "RAZORBLADE"
 :WUMPSCUT: DJ Dwarf Ten (5 weeks #1 @ DAC), track 2, credited as "RAZORBLADE"
 Suono My Style (r@zorbla.de remix), released on Army Of Industrial Darkness: Different Parts 8, track 9
 My Consequence feat. blutzukker The Clock is Ticking EP (2010), Track 6 and 8
 Assemblage23 2 remixes of Spark in the fan remix area (studio/tech)
 My Consequence feat. blutzukker The Clock is Ticking, Track 6 and 8
 Menschdefekt [RE]CONSTRUCTION, tracks 10 and 13 ("disc 1")
 Nik Page Rocketqueen, track "14"
 Assemblage23 Remix of Binary in the fan remix area
2008Miss Pain Shelf-Location ROM (r@zorbla.de\ Softcover Remix)
(Shelf-Location ROM / Kiss Cuddle Torture on iTunes)
 Menschdefekt Psych[a]otica E.P., tracks 9 and 13
 e:o:nity Church of Blood (r@zorbla.de remix)
 Anorkia Mirror of Darkness, on Dark Meeting Compilation Vol 2 (free download)
 Nik Page Vicious Girls, tracks 2 and 4
2007 Various Dark Meeting Compilation Vol. 1 (german), track 6 (free download)
 KASH & Nik Page Kommunion , tracks 5, 7 (further mixed by Koerba) and 10.
 Blutzukker Digital Blood, track 12.
 Deliberate Kensington Heights (space age girl mix)
 Myrmidon Process Apocalyptic Butterfly, tracks 10, 11 and 12.
 adoptedCHILD Rache, track 5
 :WUMPSCUT: Body Census Box (CD2, Remix Culture), track 13, credited as "Razorblade"
2006 Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey (Futureshock remix) - contribution to the remix competition.
 Anorkia Within the Void Album
 Assemblage23 Two remixes of Infinite in the fan remix area (happy searching ;-))
2005 KASH Herzflut, tracks 2, 4 & 13
 :wumpscut:Wreath Of Barbs (Selected Remix Works), track 5
2004 Blutzukker Sucking Blood is True Addiction, tracks 5, 9 & 12
 Jesse Savka Infinity (Chaos Remix)
2003 Anorkia Denial, appeared on Annihilation & Seduction, disc 1 track 8
2002/3  Kasha Fury (32 Remixes for the Global Remix Contest, some prizes won)
2002 Anorkia Children of Pride Demo (all tracks: mixing, remixing)
 :wumpscut: Wreath Of Barbs (Classic Remixes), track 8